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white or colorless slightly acid solid that is soluble in water and ethanol; used in the manufacture of glass and paper and adhesives and in detergents and as a flux in welding; also used as an antiseptic and food preservative boric acid , orthoboric acid
still consisting of an apparatus for the fractional distillation of ethanol from fermentation on an industrial scale Coffey still
fragrant colorless flammable volatile liquid ester made from ethanol and acetic acid; used in flavorings and perfumes and as a solvent for plastics ethyl acetate
compound (such as ethanol or formaldehyde) that fixes tissues and cells for microscopic study fixative
lotion consisting of a poisonous solution of isopropyl alcohol or denatured ethanol alcohol for external use rubbing alcohol
thin varnish made by dissolving lac in ethanol; used to finish wood shellac , shellac varnish
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