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lacking ethics amoral , immoral
(philosophy) the philosophy of Aristotle that deals with logic and metaphysics and ethics and poetics and politics and natural science Aristotelianism
that which is below standard or expectations as of ethics or decency bad , badness
branch of ethics that studies moral values in the biomedical sciences bioethics
philosophy and ethics, concerning deontological
ethics and moral obligation, science of deontology
(ethics) a doctrine holding that moral statements have a truth value descriptivism
(ethics) the theory that the pursuit of your own welfare in the basis of morality egoism
philosopher who specializes in ethics ethician , ethicist
doctrine that ethics and ethical ideas are valid and important ethicism
ethics philosophy that happiness is produced by active, rational life eudemonism
oath taken by physicians to observe medical ethics deriving from Hippocrates Hippocratic oath
religion founded by Manes the third century; a synthesis of Zoroastrian dualism between light and dark and Babylonian folklore and Buddhist ethics and superficial elements of Christianity; spread widely in the Roman Empire but had largely died out by 1000 Manichaeanism , Manichaeism
rational investigation of questions about existence and knowledge and ethics philosophy
(ethics) a doctrine holding that moral statements prescribe appropriate attitudes and behavior prescriptivism
qualm due to ethics, morals scruple
conformity to high standards of ethics or excellence scrupulousness
according to Christian ethics: one of the three virtues (faith and hope and charity) created by God to round out the natural virtues supernatural virtue , theological virtue
without good morals or ethics unprincipled
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