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independent and exclusive commission of nonpartisan statesmen and experts formed to investigate some important governmental issue blue ribbon commission , blue ribbon committee
analysis into mutually exclusive categories breakdown , partitioning
exclusive right of a country to control the air traffic within its borders cabotage
exclusive circle of people with a common purpose camp , clique , coterie , ingroup , inner circle , pack
exclusive group of people chosen , elect
exclusive group of friends, associates clique
exclusive group of people clique
friends, exclusive circle of clique
exclusive group club
matter to be printed; exclusive of graphical materials copy , written matter
document granting exclusive right to publish and sell literary or musical or artistic work copyright , right of first publication
adherents of an exclusive system of religious beliefs and practices cult
exclusive treatment elitism
attention, focused and exclusive fixation
exclusive social set of a city Four Hundred
about three feet long exclusive of tail giant armadillo , Priodontes giganteus , tatou , tatu
(Hinduism) a Hindu caste or distinctive social group of which there are thousands throughout India; a special characteristic is often the exclusive occupation of its male members (such as barber or potter) jati
exclusive control or possession of something monopoly
exclusive control by one group monopoly
exclusive control of service, product monopoly
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