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toxic mixture of gases (including carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and nitrogen) after an explosion of firedamp in a mine afterdamp
mines after fire or explosion, asphyxiating gases in afterdamp , blackdamp , chokedamp
explosion in the atmosphere airburst
explosion of an atomic bomb atomic explosion , nuclear explosion
loud noise made by the explosion of fuel in the manifold or exhaust of an internal combustion engine backfire
(cosmology) the cosmic explosion that is hypothesized to have marked the origin of the universe big bang
theory that the universe began with a huge explosion and is contracting big bang theory
universe was created by explosion and is still expanding theory Big-Bang theory
(cosmology) the theory that the universe originated 20 billion years ago from the cataclysmic explosion of a small mass of matter at extremely high density and temperature big-bang theory , big bang theory
atmosphere in a mine following an explosion; high in carbon dioxide and incapable of supporting life blackdamp , chokedamp
explosion (as of dynamite) blast
injury caused the explosion of a bomb (especially in enclosed spaces) blast trauma
explosion of a bomb bomb blast
shattering effect of explosion brisance
shattering or crushing effect of a sudden release of energy as in an explosion brisance
large crater caused by the violent explosion of a volcano that collapses into a depression caldera
mixes air with gasoline vapor prior to explosion carburetor , carburettor
explosion that fails to occur dud , misfire
noise caused by an explosion explosion
droppings from nuclear explosion fallout
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