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French painter and exponent of fauvism (1880-1954) Andre Derain , Derain
Spanish architect who was a leading exponent of art nouveau in Europe (1852-1926) Antonio Gaudi , Antonio Gaudi i Cornet , Gaudi , Gaudi i Cornet
United States painter (born in the Netherlands) who was a leading American exponent of abstract expressionism (1904-1997) de Kooning , Willem de Kooning
French philosopher and critic (born in Algeria); exponent of deconstructionism (1930-2004) Derrida , Jacques Derrida
United States jazz trumpeter and exponent of bebop (1917-1993) Dizzy Gillespie , Gillespie , John Birks Gillespie
United States writer and leading exponent of transcendentalism (1803-1882) Emerson , Ralph Waldo Emerson
German biologist and philosopher; advocated Darwinism and formulated the theory of recapitulation; was an exponent of materialistic monism (1834-1919) Ernst Heinrich Haeckel , Haeckel
French dramatist (born in Romania) who was a leading exponent of the theater of the absurd (1912-1994) Eugene Ionesco , Ionesco
function in which an independent variable appears as an exponent exponential , exponential function
radix numeration system in which the location of the decimal point is indicated by an exponent of the radix; in the floating-point representation system, 0.0012 is represented as 0.12-2 where -2 is the exponent floating-point notation , floating-point representation system
English biologist and a leading exponent of Darwin's theory of evolution (1825-1895) Huxley , Thomas Henry Huxley , Thomas Huxley
opinionated theorist or exponent of ideology ideologue
United States painter who was a leading exponent of pop art (1923-1997) Lichtenstein , Roy Lichtenstein
exponent required to produce a given number log , logarithm
French painter and exponent of fauvism (1876-1958) Maurice de Vlaminck , Vlaminck
French composer and exponent of Impressionism (1875-1937) Maurice Ravel , Ravel
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