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many-eyed giant argus
annual weedy herb with ephemeral yellow purple-eyed flowers; Old World tropics; naturalized as a weed in North America black-eyed Susan , bladder ketmia , flower-of-an-hour , flowers-of-an-hour , Hibiscus trionum
south European plant having dark-eyed flowers with flat blue rays blue succory , Catananche caerula , cupid's dart
large-headed large-eyed crepuscular or nocturnal shorebird of the Old World and tropical America having a thickened knee joint Burhinus oedicnemus , stone curlew , thick-knee
giants, race of one-eyed Cyclops
one-eyed giant Cyclops , Polyphemus
green-eyed envious , jealous
two species of elongate compressed scaleless large-eyed fishes that live in sand or mud family Trichodontidae , Trichodontidae
old breed of tall swift keen-eyed hunting dogs resembling greyhounds; from Egypt and southwestern Asia gazelle hound , Saluki
big-eyed scad genus Selar , Selar
small large-eyed nocturnal flying squirrel of eastern United States Glaucomys volans , southern flying squirrel
(Islam) one of the dark-eyed virgins of perfect beauty believed to live with the blessed in Paradise houri
large-eyed arboreal prosimian having foxy faces and long furry tails lemur
predacious long-bodied large-eyed insect of warm regions; rests with forelimbs raised as in prayer mantid , mantis
small large-eyed semiaquatic salamander of the United States northwest olympic salamander , Rhyacotriton olympicus
slender short-haired blue-eyed breed of cat having a pale coat with dark ears paws face and tail tip Siamese , Siamese cat
right-eyed flatfish; many are valued as food; most common in warm seas especially European sole
left-eyed marine flatfish whose tail tapers to a point; of little commercial value tongue-fish , tonguefish
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