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low-growing annual with yellow flowers dotted red; faintly aromatic of pine resin; Europe, British Isles and North Africa Ajuga chamaepitys , ground pine , yellow bugle
leafy-stemmed violet of eastern North America having large white or creamy flowers faintly marked with purple cream violet , pale violet , striped violet , Viola striata
large rapidly growing poplar with faintly lobed dentate leaves grey on the lower surface; native to Europe but introduced and naturalized elsewhere gray poplar , grey poplar , Populus canescens
erect Old World perennial with faintly musk-scented foliage and white or pink flowers; adventive in United States Malva moschata , musk mallow , mus rose
brittle and faintly aromatic translucent resin used in varnishes sandarac , sandarach
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