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Danish author remembered for his fairy stories (1805-1875) Andersen , Hans Christian Andersen
small aquatic crustaceans lacking a carapace: fairy shrimps; brine shrimps Anostraca , order Anostraca
fairy shrimp; brine shrimp Artemia , Chirocephalus , genus Artemia , genus Chirocephalus
fairy that tends to cause harm bad fairy
primitive aquatic mainly freshwater crustaceans: fairy shrimps; brine shrimps; tadpole shrimps; can shrimps; water fleas Branchiopoda , subclass Branchiopoda
poisonous agaric with a fibrillose cap and brown scales on a white ground color; cap can reach a diameter of 30 cm; often forms `fairy rings' Chlorophyllum molybdites
fictional young girl who is saved from her stepmother and stepsisters by her fairy godmother and a handsome prince Cinderella
female character is some fairy stories who has magical powers and can bring unexpected good fortune to the hero or heroine fairy godmother
mushroom that grows in a fairy ring fairy-ring mushroom , Marasmius oreades
type genus of the Irenidae: fairy bluebirds genus Irena , Irena
older of the two Grimm brothers remembered best for their fairy stories; also author of Grimm's law describing consonant changes in Germanic languages (1785-1863) Grimm , Jakob Grimm , Jakob Ludwig Karl Grimm
younger of the two Grimm brothers remembered best for their fairy stories (1786-1859) Grimm , Wilhelm Grimm , Wilhelm Karl Grimm
girl in a fairy tale who meets a wolf while going to visit her grandmother Little Red Riding Hood
fairy-tale bad guy ogre
dwarf in one of the fairy stories of the brothers Grimm; tells a woman he will not hold her to a promise if she can guess his name and when she discovers it he is so furious that he destroys himself Rumpelstiltskin
elf in fairy stories who sprinkles sand in children's eyes to make them sleepy sandman
fairy story: princess under an evil spell who could be awakened only by a prince's kiss Sleeping Beauty
fairy that is said to leave money at night under a child's pillow to compensate for a baby tooth falling out tooth fairy
fairy that inhabits water water nymph , water spirit , water sprite
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