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faith, person without agnostic , nullifidian
(Roman Catholic Church) Roman priest who became bishop of Milan; the first Church Father born and raised in the Christian faith; composer of hymns; imposed orthodoxy on the early Christian church and built up its secular power; a saint and Doctor of the C Ambrose , Saint Ambrose , St. Ambrose
expresses approval or faith amen
faith and doctrine and practice of the Anglican Church Anglicanism
theological doctrine that by faith and God's grace a Christian is freed from all laws (including the moral standards of the culture) antinomianism
abandonment of principles or faith apostasy
desertion of faith, principles, cause apostasy
religious faith, abandonment of one's apostasy
leaving faith, party, principles apostasy
forsaking faith or principles apostasy
(Roman Catholic Church) Anglo-Saxon missionary who was sent to Frisia and Germany to spread the Christian faith; was martyred in Frisia (680-754) Apostle of Germany , Boniface , Saint Boniface , St. Boniface , Winfred , Wynfrith
(Roman Catholic Church) Italian theologian and Doctor of the Church who is remembered for his attempt to reconcile faith and reason in a comprehensive theology; presented philosophical proofs of the existence of God (1225-1274) Aquinas , Saint Thomas , Saint Thomas Aquinas , St. Thomas , St. Thomas Aquinas , Thomas Aquinas
Christian profession of faith Athanasian Creed
person who has religious faith believer , worshiper , worshipper
good faith, information guaranteeing bona fides
relating to a renewed faith born-again
Christian who has experienced a dramatic conversion to faith in Jesus born-again Christian
Swiss theologian (born in France) whose tenets (predestination and the irresistibility of grace and justification by faith) defined Presbyterianism (1509-1564) Calvin , Jean Caulvin , Jean Cauvin , Jean Chauvin , John Calvin
Protestant church that accepts the Bible as the only source of true Christian faith and practices baptism by immersion Christian Church , Disciples of Christ
religion believing in faith healing and founded by Mary Baker Eddy Christian Science
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