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(old-fashioned slang) a bad person bad egg
old fashioned airplane; has two wings one above the other biplane
(Greek mythology) an Athenian inventor who built the labyrinth of Minos; to escape the labyrinth he fashioned wings for himself and his son Icarus Daedal , Daedalus
small third seat in the back of an old-fashioned two-seater dickey , dickey-seat , dickie , dickie-seat , dicky , dicky-seat
copy machine, old-fashioned duplicator , mimeograph
telephone part of curved metal clip, old-fashioned finger stop
tableware that is relatively flat and fashioned as a single piece flatware
(old-fashioned slang) a good person good egg
one-piece garment fashioned after a parachutist's uniform jumpsuit , jump suit
extremely old-fashioned conservative mossback
small cylindrical beads made from polished shells and fashioned into strings or belts; used by certain Native American peoples as jewelry or currency peag , wampum , wampumpeag
telephone part of two buttons on cradle, old-fashioned plungers
quality of being quaint and old-fashioned quaintness
strangeness as a consequence of being old fashioned quaintness
car old-fashioned footboard running board
formal and conservative person with old-fashioned views square , square toes
bed, old-fashioned pan of coals or hot liquid for warming a warming pan
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