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discrimination in favor of the able-bodied able-bodiedism , able-bodism , ableism , ablism
renunciation of your own interests in favor of the interests of others abnegation , denial , self-abnegation , self-denial , self-renunciation
person who endorses a promissory note without compensation or benefit but simply as a favor to the borrower accommodation endorser
someone who performs a service or does a favor accommodator , obliger
method of childbirth that avoids intrusive high-tech medicine in favor of more natural and homely settings alternative birth , alternative birthing
state of having rejected your religious beliefs or your political party or a cause (often in favor of opposing beliefs or causes) apostasy , defection , renunciation
feeling of strong eagerness (usually in favor of a person or cause) ardor , ardour , elan , zeal
choice that is made by counting the number of people in favor of each alternative ballot , balloting , vote , voting
list of people who are out of favor black book , blacklist , shitlist
flattery designed to gain favor blarney , coaxing , soft soap , sweet talk
flatter to pursuade or gain favor cajole , fawn , kowtow , truckle
act of winning the love or sexual favor of someone conquest , seduction
gift or payment in return for favor or service consideration , recompense
party favor consisting of a paper roll (usually containing candy or a small favor) that pops when pulled at both ends cracker , cracker bonbon , snapper
judgment entered in favor of the plaintiff when the defendant defaults (fails to appear in court) default judgement , default judgment , judgement by default , judgment by default
political orientation of those who favor government by the people or by their elected representatives democracy
state of being out of favor disfavor , disfavour
bonus or benefit from investment or favor dividend
King of England who was renounced by Northumbria in favor of his brother Edgar (died in 959) Eadwig , Edwy
gift or favor, Hindu enam
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