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quality proceeding from feelings of affection or love affectionateness , fondness , lovingness , warmth
intense feelings of suffering; acute mental or physical pain agony , torment , torture
arousal of feelings of sexual desire amativeness , amorousness , eroticism , erotism , sexiness
vague feelings, having ambiguous , ambivalent , equivocal
mixed feelings ambivalence
mixed feelings or emotions ambivalence , ambivalency
contradictory feelings ambivalence , cognitive dissonance , dissonance
opposing attitudes or feelings, having ambivalent
having feelings that change ambivalent
conflicting feelings or attitudes, having ambivalent
feelings of excessive pride amour propre , conceit , self-love , vanity
personality disorder characterized by amorality and lack of affect; capable of violent acts without guilt feelings (`psychopathic personality' was once widely used but was superseded by `sociopathic personality' to indicate the social aspects of the disor antisocial personality disorder , psychopathic personality , sociopathic personality
sudden acute episode of intense anxiety and feelings of panic anxiety attack
warm friendly feelings of gratitude appreciativeness , gratefulness , thankfulness
feelings of great warmth and intensity ardor , ardour , fervency , fervidness , fervor , fervour , fire
feelings expressed on a person's face aspect , expression , face , facial expression , look
method of psychotherapy that reinforces you for stating negative and positive feelings directly assertiveness training
(psychology) a theory that reduces all mental phenomena to simple elements (sensations and feelings) that form complex ideas by association atomism
complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways attitude , mental attitude
attribute that tends to give stability in character and morals; something that steadies the mind or feelings ballast
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