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person who gives assistance or comfort to someone known to be a felon or known to be sought in connection with the commission of a felony accessory after the fact
person who procures or advises or commands the commission of a felony but who is not present at its perpetration accessory before the fact
legislative act finding a person guilty of treason or felony without a trial bill of attainder
entering a building unlawfully with intent to commit a felony or to steal valuable property burglary
inducement (as of a public official) by improper means (as bribery) to violate duty (as by commiting a felony) corruption
crime less serious than felony delinquency , misdemeanor , violation
crime less serious than a felony infraction , infringement , misdemeanor , misdemeanour , offence , offense , violation
crime less serious than a felony misdemeanor
offense not as bad as felony misdemeanor
crime of not reporting a felony, by one who is not accessory misprision
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