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fencing stamping of foot appel
protective covering for the wrist or arm that is used in archery and fencing and other sports armguard , bracer
stick used instead of a sword for fencing backsword , fencing stick , singlestick
fencing attack with short jump forward balestra
fencing guard for protecting hand coquille
fencing warning en garde
fencing sword with bowl-shaped guard and narrow blade épée
fencing sword similar to a foil but with a heavier blade epee
fencing sword épée , foil , saber , sabre
fencing false move feint
someone skilled at fencing fencer , swordsman
sword used in the sport of fencing fencing sword
fencing running attack flèche
fencing sword weak half near point foible
fencing sword with circular guard and flexible blade foil
fencing sword strong half near handle forte
posture of defence in boxing or fencing guard
bamboo sticks, fencing with kendo
(fencing) an attacking thrust made with one foot forward and the back leg straight and with the sword arm outstretched forward lunge , passado , straight thrust
someone who moves forward suddenly (as in fencing) lunger
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