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occupation of maintaining and auditing records and preparing financial reports for a business accountancy , accounting
upkeep of the financial records of a business accounting
all the data (ledgers and journals and spreadsheets) that support a financial statement; can be hard copy or machine readable accounting data
corporation gaining financial control over another corporation or financial institution through a payment in cash or an exchange of stock acquirer
financial institution that dispenses cash in automated teller machines and collects a fee from the bank that issued the credit card acquirer
opinion concerning financial statements (usually based on an audit by a CPA) that the statements as a whole do not present results fairly or are not in conformity with the generally accepted accounting practices of the United States adverse opinion
terrorist group organized in 1996 after the Taliban took over Afghanistan and part of Osama bin Laden's international system; provides financial support for the Taliban and al-Qaeda and Jaish-i-Mohammed and assists Muslim militants around the world; estab al-Rashid Trust
expert who studies financial data (on credit or securities or sales or financial patterns etc.) and recommends appropriate business actions analyst
supporter, financial angel , backer , patron , sponsor
financial supporter or backer angel , patron , sponsor
radical Islamic group of terrorists in the Iraqi part of Kurdistan who oppose an independent secular nation as advocated by the United States; some members fought with the Taliban and al-Qaeda forces in Afghanistan; said to receive financial support from Ansar al-Islam , Ansar al Islam , Supporters of Islam
busy port and financial center in northern Belgium on the Scheldt river; it has long been a center for the diamond industry and the first stock exchange was opened there in 1460 Antwerp , Antwerpen , Anvers
one who endorses, especially through financial support backer
financial resources provided to make some project possible backing , financial backing , financial support , funding , support
financial rescue bailout
financial statement balance sheet
record of the financial situation of an institution on a particular date by listing its assets and the claims against those assets balance sheet
do business with a financial institution bank
financial institution that accepts deposits and channels the money into lending activities bank , banking company , banking concern , depository financial institution
state capital and largest city of Massachusetts; a major center for banking and financial services Beantown , Bean Town , Boston , capital of Massachusetts , Hub of the Universe
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