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Eurasian finch brambling , Fringilla montifringilla
common European finch mostly black and white with red throat and breast bullfinch , Pyrrhula pyrrhula
greenish-yellow finch canary
crested thick-billed North American finch having bright red plumage in the male cardinal , cardinal grosbeak , Cardinalis cardinalis , redbird , Richmondena Cardinalis
small Old World finch whose male has a red breast and forehead Carduelis cannabina , linnet , lintwhite
small European finch having a crimson face and yellow-and-black wings Carduelis carduelis , goldfinch
South American species of scarlet finch with black head and wings and tail Carduelis cucullata , red siskin
small siskin-like finch with a red crown and a rosy breast and rump Carduelis flammea , redpoll
small siskin-like finch with a red crown Carduelis hornemanni , redpoll
small yellow-and-black Eurasian finch with a sharp beak Carduelis spinus , siskin
small finch originally of the western United States and Mexico Carpodacus mexicanus , house finch , linnet
North American finch having a raspberry-red head and breast and rump Carpodacus purpureus , purple finch
small European finch with a cheerful song chaffinch , Fringilla coelebs
small North American finch common in urban areas chipping sparrow , Spizella passerina
common large finch of Eurasia Coccothraustes coccothraustes , hawfinch
finch with a bill whose tips cross when closed crossbill , Loxia curvirostra
common North American finch of brushy pasturelands field sparrow , Spizella pusilla
American finch whose male has yellow body plumage in summer goldfinch , New world goldfinch , Spinus tristis , yellowbird
common North American finch noted for its evening song grass finch , Pooecetes gramineus , vesper sparrow
small finch-like Indonesian weaverbird that frequents rice fields Java finch , Java sparrow , Padda oryzivora , ricebird
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