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point the finger at accuse
finger- or toenail, ingrown acronyx
third finger (especially of the left hand) annualry , ring finger
jewelry consisting of a circlet of precious metal (often set with jewels) worn on the finger band , ring
large ball with finger holes used in the sport of bowling bowl , bowling ball
glacial lake in central New York; one of the Finger Lakes Canandaigua Lake , Keuka Lake , Lake Canandaigua , Lake Keuka
glacial lake in central New York; the longest of the Finger Lakes Cayuga Lake , Lake Cayuga
bagpipe finger hole chanter
reed pipe with finger holes on which the melody is played chanter , melody pipe
tufted or perennial or annual grasses having runners: finger grass; windmill grass Chloris , genus Chloris
sponges with siliceous spicules that have six rays; choanocytes are restricted to finger-shaped chambers class Hyalospongiae , Hyalospongiae
scissors for cutting hair or finger nails (often used in the plural) clipper
sheath worn to protect a finger cot , fingerstall
finger or toe in human beings or corresponding body part in other vertebrates dactyl , digit
finger or toe dactyl , digit , digit
middle finger's tip dactylion
act of touching someone suddenly with your finger or elbow dig , jab
length of breadth of a finger used as a linear measure digit , finger , finger's breadth , fingerbreadth
finger-operated digital
performed with a finger digital
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