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fireplace log holder andiron , dog , dog iron , firedog
metal supports for logs in a fireplace andiron , dog , dog-iron , firedog
support for wood in fireplace andiron , firedog
logs in fireplace, stand for andiron , firedog
portable outdoor fireplace used for cooking barbecue
fireplace cover bonnet
vessel for cooking in fireplace, large caldron
corner by a fireplace chimney corner , inglenook
shelf that projects from wall above fireplace chimneypiece , mantel , mantelpiece , mantle , mantlepiece
fireplace, incombustible residue of coal in clinker
regulator for controlling the flow of air in a fireplace draft
fireplace screen fender
fireplace in which a relatively small fire is burning fire
light of a fire (especially in a fireplace) firelight
area near a fireplace (usually paved and extending out into a room) fireside , hearth
home symbolized as a part of the fireplace fireside , hearth
fireplace-to-chimney pipe flue
stove like fireplace Franklin stove
rug spread out in front of a fireplace hearthrug
seat in nook by fireplace inglenook
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