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Roman general who was governor of Britain and extended Roman rule north to the Firth of Forth (37-93) Agricola , Gnaeus Julius Agricola
fortification 37 miles long across the narrowest part of southern Scotland (between the Firth of Forth and the Firth of Clyde); built in 140 to mark the frontier of the Roman province of Britain Antonine Wall
canal in northern Scotland that links North Sea with the Atlantic Ocean; runs diagonally between Moray Firth at the northeastern end and Loch Linnhe at the southwestern end; now little used Caledonian Canal
river in western Scotland that flows from the southern uplands into the Firth of Clyde; navigable by oceangoing vessels as far as Glasgow Clyde
capital of Scotland; located in the Lothian Region on the south side of the Firth of Forth Edinburgh
firth on the southwestern coast of Scotland emptying into the North Channel Firth of Clyde
large firth on the east coast of Scotland and the estuary of the Forth River; location of Edinburgh Firth of Forth
river in southern Scotland that flows eastward to the Firth of Forth Forth , Forth River
district in southeast central Scotland (south side of the Firth of Forth) and the location of Edinburgh Lothian Region
large firth on the west coast of Britain between England and Scotland Solway Firth
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