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red pear-shaped tropical fruit with poisonous seeds; flesh is poisonous when unripe or overripe ackee , akee
squash plant bearing small acorn-shaped fruits having yellow flesh and dark green or yellow rind with longitudinal ridges acorn squash
small dark green or yellow ribbed squash with yellow to orange flesh acorn squash
relatively small tuna with choice white flesh; major source of canned tuna albacore
flesh of shad-like fish abundant along the Atlantic coast or in coastal streams alewife
wild plum of northeastern United States having dark purple fruits with yellow flesh Alleghany plum , Allegheny plum , Prunus alleghaniensis , sloe
flesh of cold-water lobsters having large tender claws; caught from Maine to the Carolinas American lobster , Maine lobster , Northern lobster
wild plum trees of eastern and central North America having red-orange fruit with yellow flesh American red plum , August plum , goose plum , Prunus americana
pear with firm flesh and a green skin anjou
person who eats human flesh anthropophagite , anthropophagus , cannibal , man-eater
human cannibalism; the eating of human flesh anthropophagy
fruit with red or yellow or green skin and sweet to tart crisp whitish flesh apple
fatty pink flesh of fish from northern coastal Atlantic; usually marketed fresh Atlantic salmon
elongated crescent-shaped yellow fruit with soft sweet flesh banana
bone stripped of flesh bare bone
any of various North American freshwater fish with lean flesh (especially of the genus Micropterus) bass , freshwater bass
lean flesh of a saltwater fish of the family Serranidae bass , sea bass
steer, cow, or bull flesh beef
any of several large tomatoes with thick flesh beefsteak tomato
flesh of a bird or fowl (wild or domestic) used as food bird , fowl
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