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Florentine navigator who explored the coast of South America; America was named in his honor (1454-1512) Americus Vespucius , Amerigo Vespucci , Vespucci
Florentine architect who was the first great architect of the Italian Renaissance (1377-1446) Brunelleschi , Filippo Brunelleschi
painter of the Florentine school; anticipated the move from Byzantine to naturalistic art (1240-1302) Cimabue , Giovanni Cimabue
Florentine sculptor famous for his lifelike sculptures (1386-1466) Donatello , Donato di Betto Bardi
Florentine painter who gave up the stiff Byzantine style and developed a more naturalistic style; considered the greatest Italian painter prior to the Renaissance (1267-1337) Giotto , Giotto di Bondone
Florentine navigator who explored the eastern coast of North America (circa 1485-1528) Giovanni da Verrazano , Giovanni da Verrazzano , Verrazano , Verrazzano
Florentine sculptor and painter and architect; one of the outstanding figures of the Renaissance (1475-1564) Michelangelo , Michelangelo Buonarroti
fragrant rootstock of various irises especially Florentine iris; used in perfumes and medicines orris , orrisroot
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