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Australian tree resembling the black mangrove of the West Indies and Florida Aegiceras majus , black mangrove
of southwestern Europe; cultivated in Florida American cress , American watercress , Barbarea praecox , Barbarea verna , Belle Isle cress , early winter cress , land cress
fish with a dark-blue back and whitish sides with red stripes; found in swamps and streams of Florida American flagfish , flagfish , Jordanella floridae
fern of Florida and West Indies and Central America with rhizome densely clad in grown hairs Anemia adiantifolia , pine fern
dusky grey food fish found from Louisiana and Florida southward Anisotremus surinamensis , black margate , pompon
river in northwestern Florida formed by the confluence of the Chattahoochee River and the Flint River at the Florida border Apalachicola , Apalachicola River
wading bird of Florida, Cuba and Jamaica having a drooping bill and a distinctive wailing call Aramus pictus , limpkin
large white heron of Florida and the Florida Keys Ardea occidentalis , great white heron
mangrove of the West Indies and the southern Florida coast; occurs in dense thickets and has numerous short roots that bend up from the ground Avicennia marina , black mangrove
island country in the Atlantic east of Florida and Cuba; a popular winter resort Bahama Islands , Bahamas , Commonwealth of the Bahamas
any of several geckos with dark bands across the body and differing from typical geckos in having movable eyelids; of United States southwest and gulf coast to Florida banded gecko
much-branched erect herb with bright yellow flowers; distributed from Massachusetts to Florida Baptisia tinctoria , horsefly weed , indigo broom , rattle weed
shrub or small tree of southern Florida to Central and South America bay-leaved caper , caper tree , Capparis flexuosa
prostrate perennial of coastal sand dunes Florida to Texas beach morning glory , Ipomoea pes-caprae , railroad vine
blue and yellow damselfish of Bermuda and Florida and the West Indies beaugregory , Pomacentrus leucostictus
strain accidentally imported into Florida from the Middle East then spread to California where it is a very serious pest feeding on almost all vegetable crops and poinsettias Bemisia tabaci , poinsettia strain , superbug
food and game fish around Bermuda and Florida; often follow ships Bermuda chub , Kyphosus sectatrix , rudderfish
narrow bay formed by an inlet from the Atlantic Ocean in southeastern Florida Biscayne Bay
national park in Florida having underwater coral reefs and marine life Biscayne National Park
erect shrub with small if any spines having racemes of white to yellow flowers followed by curved pointed pods and black shiny seeds; West Indies and Florida black bead , cat's-claw , catclaw , Pithecellodium unguis-cati
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