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electrical device for starting and regulating fluorescent and discharge lamps ballast , light ballast
red fluorescent dye resulting from the action of bromine on fluorescein; used in cosmetics and as a biological stain for studying cell structures bromeosin , eosin
trademark for fluorescent materials Day-Glo
soft mineral (calcium fluoride) that is fluorescent in ultraviolet light; chief source of fluorine fluor , fluorite , fluorspar
lamp consisting of a tube coated on the inside with a fluorescent material; mercury vapor in the tube emits ultraviolet radiation that is converted to visible radiation by the fluorescent material fluorescent lamp
lighting fixture that uses a fluorescent lamp fluorescent , fluorescent fixture
any of various fluorescent substances used in fluorescence microscopy to stain specimens fluorochrome
X-ray machine that combines an X-ray source and a fluorescent screen to enable direct observation fluoroscope , roentgenoscope
pen, fluorescent marking highlighter
fluorescent marker used to mark important passages in a text highlighter
(immunology) a technique that uses antibodies linked to a fluorescent dye in order to study antigens in a sample of tissue immunofluorescence
assay that shows specific antigens in tissues by the use of markers that are either fluorescent dyes or enzymes (such as horseradish peroxidase) immunohistochemistry
synthetic substance that is fluorescent or phosphorescent; used to coat the screens of cathode ray tubes phosphor
nebula that was once thought to be a star with its planets but is now thought to be a very hot star surrounded by an expanding envelope of ionized gases that emit a fluorescent glow because of intense radiation from the star planetary nebula
bacteria usually producing greenish fluorescent water-soluble pigment; some pathogenic for plants and animals pseudomonad
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