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number that is represented as a one followed by 6 zeros 1000000 , meg , million , one thousand thousand
number that is represented as a one followed by 9 zeros 1000000000 , billion , one thousand million
number that is represented as a one followed by 12 zeros; in the United Kingdom the usage followed in the United States is frequently seen 1000000000000 , billion , one million million
number that is represented as a one followed by 12 zeros 1000000000000 , one million million , trillion
East Indian spiny tree having twice-pinnate leaves and yellow flowers followed by flat pods; source of black catechu Acacia catechu , catechu , Jerusalem thorn
North American perennial herb with alternately compound leaves and racemes of small white flowers followed by bright red oval poisonous berries Actaea rubra , red-berry , red baneberry , redberry , snakeberry
climbing Asiatic vine having long finely serrate leaves and racemes of white flowers followed by greenish-yellow edible fruit Actinidia arguta , bower actinidia , tara vine
verse line with a dactyl followed by a spondee or trochee; supposedly used in laments by Adonis Adonic , Adonic line
swallowing air (usually followed by belching and discomfort and flatulence) aerophagia
tree having palmate leaves and large clusters of white to red flowers followed by brown shiny inedible seeds Aesculus hippocastanum , buckeye , horse chestnut
designated route followed by airplanes in flying from one airport to another air lane , airway , flight path , skyway
European weed naturalized in southwestern United States and Mexico having reddish decumbent stems with small fernlike leaves and small deep reddish-lavender flowers followed by slender fruits that stick straight up; often grown for forage alfilaria , alfileria , clocks , Erodium cicutarium , filaree , filaria , pin clover , pin grass , redstem storksbill
progressive form of presenile dementia that is similar to senile dementia except that it usually starts in the 40s or 50s; first symptoms are impaired memory which is followed by impaired thought and speech and finally complete helplessness Alzheimer's , Alzheimer's disease , Alzheimers
deciduous shrub of eastern North America whose leaves turn scarlet in autumn and having racemes of yellow flowers followed by ellipsoid glossy red berries American barberry , Berberis canadensis
small tree of southern United States having panicles of dull white flowers followed by dark purple fruits American olive , devilwood , Osmanthus americanus
deciduous shrub of the eastern United States having highly aromatic leaves and bark and yellow flowers followed by scarlet or yellow berries American spicebush , Benjamin bush , Benzoin odoriferum , Lindera benzoin , spice bush , spicebush
Brazilian shrub having twice-pinnate leaves and small spicate flowers followed by flat or irregularly torulose pods; sometimes placed in genus Piptadenia Anadenanthera colubrina , Piptadenia macrocarpa
shrub with trifoliate leaves and yellow flowers followed by backward curving seed pods; leaves foetid when crushed Anagyris foetida , bean trefoil , stinking bean trefoil
poetic metrical foot with two short followed by one long syllable anapest
disease of humans that is not communicable; caused by infection with Bacillus anthracis followed by septicemia anthrax
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