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militant Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization formed in 1975 to force Turkey to acknowledge killing more than a million Armenians and forcibly removing them from border areas in 1915; wants Turkey to pay reparations and cede territory to Armenia 3rd October Organization , Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia , ASALA , Orly Group
intrude forcibly break in
pilot's seat in an airplane that can be forcibly ejected in the case of an emergency; then the pilot descends by parachute capsule , ejection seat , ejector seat
act of forcibly dispossessing an owner of property capture , gaining control , seizure
monotypic family of fungi in which the more or less spherical gleba is forcibly ejected at maturity family Sphaerobolaceae , Sphaerobolaceae
recruit forcibly impress , shanghai
weapon that is forcibly thrown or projected at a targets but is not self-propelled missile , projectile
opening made forcibly as by pulling apart rent , rip , snag , split , tear
take hold of forcibly seize
taking hold forcibly seizure
pull away forcibly tear
push forcibly thrust
forcibly take away wrest
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