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sailboat spar for foremast bowsprit
two-masted sailing vessel square-rigged on the foremast and fore-and-aft rigged on the mainmast brigantine , hermaphrodite brig
topmast next above the foremast fore-topmast
topsail on a foremast fore-topsail
deck on bow forward of foremast forecastle
lowest sail on the foremast of a square-rigged vessel foresail
adjustable stay from the foremast to the deck or bowsprit; controls the bending of the mast forestay
platform at the head of a foremast foretop
any sail set forward of the foremast of a vessel headsail
sail, triangular, ahead of foremast jib
any triangular fore-and-aft sail (set forward of the foremast) jib
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