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bicycle with a sturdy frame and fat tires; originally designed for riding in mountainous country all-terrain bike , mountain bike , off-roader
position of aircraft or spacecraft relative to a frame of reference (the horizon or direction of motion) attitude
frame of mind attitude , bent , disposition , mood , posture
sound recording on a tape mounted in a frame audiocassette
folding chair for use outdoors; a wooden frame supports a length of canvas beach chair , deck chair
frame for sleeping bedstead
motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame bike , motorcycle
coiled bedspring in a frame that is covered with cloth box spring
any frame in which a bowler fails to make a strike or spare break , open frame
saw that is set in a frame in the shape of an H; used with both hands to cut wood that is held in a sawbuck bucksaw
inclined metal frame at the front of a locomotive to clear the track buffer , cowcatcher , fender , pilot
hieroglyphics' oblong frame cartouche
metal frame or container holding cartridges; can be inserted into an automatic gun cartridge clip , cartridge holder , clip , magazine
enclosing frame around a door or window opening case , casing
animation frame cel
printing frame holding pages or columns of type chase
skeleton of a motor vehicle consisting of a steel frame supported on springs that holds the body and motor chassis
supporting frame chassis
mirror mounted on swiveling frame cheval glass
full length mirror mounted in a frame in which it can be tilted cheval glass
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