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violation (either through fraud or negligence) by a trustee of a duty that equity requires of him breach of trust
person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud chiseler , chiseller , defrauder , gouger , grifter , scammer , swindler
fraud that prevents a party from knowing their rights or from having a fair opportunity of presenting them at trial collateral fraud , extrinsic fraud
deceive with cheap trick or fraud cozen
exposure of an impostor or a fraud expose , unmasking
fraud that is presumed from the circumstances although the one who commits it need not have had any evil intent fraud in law
fraud that arises from a disparity between the instrument intended to be executed and the instrument actually executed; e.g., leading someone to sign the wrong contract fraud in the factum
fraud which intentionally causes a person to execute and instrument or make an agreement or render a judgment; e.g., misleading someone about the true facts fraud in the inducement
illegal enterprise (such as extortion or fraud or drug peddling or prostitution) carried on for profit fraudulent scheme , illegitimate enterprise , racket
fake or fraud impostor
accounting procedure or system designed to promote efficiency or assure the implementation of a policy or safeguard assets or avoid fraud and error etc. internal control
fraud (as by use of forged documents or false claims or perjury) that misleads a court or jury and induces a finding for the one perpetrating the fraud intrinsic fraud
someone who commits crimes for profit (especially one who obtains money by fraud or extortion) racketeer
obtain by fraud swindle
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