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trait of lacking restraint or control; reckless freedom from inhibition or worry abandon , unconstraint , wantonness
freedom of teachers and students to express their ideas in school without religious or political or institutional restrictions academic freedom
permissible difference; allowing some freedom to move within limits allowance , leeway , margin , tolerance
acute but unspecific feeling of anxiety; usually reserved for philosophical anxiety about the world or about personal freedom Angst
freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities assurance , authority , confidence , self-assurance , self-confidence , sureness
freedom to do as you see fit blank check , free hand
restraint that confines or restricts freedom (especially something used to tie down or restrain a prisoner) bond , hamper , shackle , trammel
freedom in providing bounty
something that restricts freedom as a cage restricts movement cage
complete freedom or authority to act carte blanche
freedom, total carte blanche
chromatic purity: freedom from dilution with white and hence vivid in hue chroma , intensity , saturation , vividness
freedom of speech, religion, etc. civil liberties
one's freedom to exercise one's rights as guaranteed under the laws of the country civil liberty , political liberty
standard for judging when freedom of speech can be abridged clear and present danger
feeling of freedom from worry or disappointment comfort
freedom from financial difficulty that promotes a comfortable state comfort , ease
lessen scope or freedom constrict
freedom to act or judge on one's own discretion
freedom from bias or selfish motives disinterestedness
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