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number that is represented as a one followed by 12 zeros; in the United Kingdom the usage followed in the United States is frequently seen 1000000000000 , billion , one million million
cadence (frequently ending church music) in which the chord of the subdominant precedes the chord of the tonic amen cadence , plagal cadence
United States author whose works were frequently autobiographical (1876-1941) Anderson , Sherwood Anderson
tropical Old World or Australian epiphytic fern frequently forming tufts in tree crotches Asplenium nidus , bird's nest fern
large tropical Asian tree frequently dwarfed as a houseplant; source of Assam rubber Assam rubber , Ficus elastica , India-rubber fig , India-rubber plant , India-rubber tree , rubber plant
quantitative or qualitative test of a substance (especially an ore or a drug) to determine its components; frequently used to test for the presence or concentration of infectious agents or antibodies etc. assay
person who is frequently in the company of another associate , companion , comrade , familiar , fellow
hit frequently beat
use of bombs for sabotage; a tactic frequently used by terrorists bombing
small shrubby deciduous yellowwood tree of south central United States having spines, glossy dark green leaves and an inedible fruit that resembles an orange; its hard orange-colored wood used for bows by native Americans; frequently planted as boundary h bow wood , Maclura pomifera , mock orange , osage orange
inflammation of a bursa; frequently in the shoulder bursitis
South African shrub having forked spines and plumlike fruit; frequently used as hedging Carissa bispinosa , hedge thorn , natal plum
large tracked vehicle that is propelled by two endless metal belts; frequently used for moving earth in construction and farm work cat , Caterpillar
frequently cultivated Eurasian evergreen shrub or small tree having showy clusters of white flowers and glossy foliage and yielding oil similar to bitter almond oil cherry laurel , laurel cherry , Prunus laurocerasus
coarse twilled cotton fabric frequently used for uniforms chino , chino cloth
meat or fish stir-fried with vegetables (e.g., celery, onions, peppers or bean sprouts) seasoned with ginger and garlic and soy sauce; served with rice; created in the United States and frequently served in Chinese restaurants there chop suey
flagellate that is the cause of the frequently fatal fish disease costiasis costia , Costia necatrix
group of people who associate with one another frequently coterie
someone who frequently finds fault or makes harsh and unfair judgments critic
Canadian actor who frequently played character parts with his wife Jessica Tandy (1911-2003) Cronyn , Hume Blake Cronyn , Hume Cronyn
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