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terrorist organization formed in 1979 by a faction of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine but disbanded in the 1980s when key members left to join a faction of al-Fatah 15 May Organization
sign in front of a house or business carrying the conventional form by which its location is described address
armor plate that protects the chest; the front part of a cuirass aegis , breastplate , egis
in front of ahead , before
safety bag in the front of an automobile that inflate upon sudden impact air bag
fish having greatly elongated front rays on dorsal and anal fins Alectis ciliaris , thread-fish , threadfish
sound produced by the tip of the tongue touching the upper front teeth alveolar , dental
tooth situated at the front of the mouth anterior , front tooth
front of something, relating to the anterior , frontal
quality of being in front or (in lower animals) toward the head anteriority
rigid metal bar between the front suspensions and between the rear suspensions of cars and trucks; serves to stabilize the chassis anti-sway bar , stabilizer bar
traditional dress of Vietnamese women consisting of a tunic with long sleeves and panels front and back; the tunic is worn over trousers ao dai
trench that provides protected passage between the rear and front lines of a defensive position approach trench , communication trench
part of a modern theater stage between the curtain and the orchestra (i.e., in front of the curtain) apron , forestage , proscenium
triangular area of the front of the chest (determined by percussion); corresponds to the part of the heart not covered by the lungs area of cardiac dullness
hinge joint in the human leg connecting the tibia and fibula with the femur and protected in front by the patella articulatio genus , genu , human knee , knee , knee joint
pouch projecting from the top front of each atrium of the heart auricula , auricular appendage , auricular appendix
extension upward of the toes when the sole of the foot is stroked firmly on the outer side from the heel to the front; normal in infants under the age of two years but a sign of brain or spinal cord injury in older persons Babinski , Babinski reflex , Babinski sign
away from the front back
side of an object that is opposite its front back end , backside , rear
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