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end pregnancy before full term abort
(prosody) a line of verse that has the full number of syllables acatalectic
full-blown adult , aged , all-out , blossomed , developed , lush , mature , ripe
United States singer (born in Russia) who appeared in the first full-length talking film (1886-1950) Al Jolson , Asa Yoelson , Jolson
teacher lower in rank than a full professor but higher than an assistant professor associate professor
full of decay bad
general purpose cartridge having a primer and a ball and a full charge of powder ball cartridge
newspaper headline that runs across the full page banner , streamer
bass part written out in full and accompanied by numbers to indicate the chords to be played basso continuo , continuo , figured bass , thorough bass
full beard beaver
hotel plan that provides a full breakfast daily Bermuda plan
full force brunt
full of hair bushy
skirt to make it full, pad under back of woman's bustle
bodily property of being attractively plump and vigorous and (of women) full-bosomed buxomness
(cotton or silk) cloak with full sleeves and sash reaching down to the ankles; worn by men in the Levant caftan , kaftan
full of emotion or tension charged , fraught
full length mirror mounted in a frame in which it can be tilted cheval glass
television tube that displays images in full color color television tube , color tube , color TV tube , colour television tube , colour tube , colour TV tube
composition for full orchestra and small group of solo instruments concerto grosso
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