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(pathology) a deadly form of gangrene usually caused by clostridium bacteria that produce toxins that cause tissue death; can be used as a bioweapon clostridial myonecrosis , emphysematous gangrene , emphysematous phlegmon , gangrenous emphysema , gas gangrene , gas phlegmon , progressive emphysematous necrosis
(pathology) gangrene that develops in the presence of arterial obstruction and is characterized by dryness of the dead tissue and a dark brown color cold gangrene , dry gangrene , mumification necrosis , mummification
destruction of tissue by freezing and characterized by tingling, blistering and possibly gangrene cryopathy , frostbite
poisoning by ingestion of ergot-infected grain products; characterized by thirst and diarrhea and nausea and craming and vomiting and abnormal cardiac rhythms; in severe cases it can cause seizures and gangrene of the limbs ergotism
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