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loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth; worn by Arabs aba
sleeveless garment aba , vest
act of making something different (as e.g. the size of a garment) adjustment , alteration , modification
garment of cloth or leather or plastic that is tied about the waist and worn to protect your clothing apron
garment worn over clothes to protect them from dirt apron
part of a garment that is attached at the armhole and that provides a cloth covering for the arm arm , sleeve
part of a garment that covers the back of your body back
sewer who fastens a garment with long loose stitches baster , tacker
tight fitting garment worn for swimming bathing costume , bathing suit , swimming costume , swimsuit , swimwear
loose one-piece garment worn to protect the wearer against dangerous biological or chemical agents biohazard suit
garment tightly covering and one-piece body stocking
tight-fitting garment of stretchy material that covers the body from the shoulders to the thighs (and may have long sleeves or legs reaching down to the ankles); worn by ballet dancers and acrobats for practice or performance body suit , cat suit , leotard , unitard
garment that provides covering for the loins breechcloth , breechclout , loincloth
loose garment (usually with veiled holes for the eyes) worn by Muslim women especially in India and Pakistan burka , burqa
round flat badge displaying information and suitable for pinning onto a garment button
garment made of camlet fabric camlet
fabric dyed with splotches of green and brown and black and tan; intended to make the wearer of a garment made of this fabric hard to distinguish from the background camo , camouflage
sleeveless garment like a cloak but shorter cape , mantle
black garment reaching down to the ankles; worn by priests or choristers cassock
burial garment in which a corpse is wrapped cerement , pall , shroud , winding-clothes , winding-sheet
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