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gather and store accumulate , amass , collect , garner
device that causes material to gather into rounded balls agglomerator
gather into mass or whole aggregate , conglomerate
gather together amass , assemble , collect , congregate , forgather
center where the members of a community can gather for social or cultural activities civic center , community center
gather into an ordered whole collate
gather data or text from various sources compile
hearing held by the US Senate to gather information on whether to approve or reject candidates for high federal office who are nominated by the president confirmation hearing
gather or come together convene , convoke
gather and collect cull
collect and gather embody , garner
gather and arrange in order enlist , marshal , mobilize , muster , rally
gather and move together flock
gather a sail furl
favorite haunt where people gather gathering place
gather grain left after harvesting glean
information bit by bit, to gather glean
grain left by reapers, to gather glean
knowledge bit by bit, to gather glean
gather a crop harvest
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