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distinctive geographic area belt
geographic region serving as the principal source of grain breadbasket
particular geographic area district
geographic region (land or sea) under which something valuable is found field
geographic route along which birds customarily migrate flyway , migration route
group of illnesses caused by a viral infection (usually restricted to a specific geographic area); fever and gastrointestinal symptoms are followed by capillary hemorrhage haemorrhagic fever , hemorrhagic fever , VHF , viral haemorrhagic fever , viral hemorrhagic fever
Scottish explorer who led Arctic expeditions that yielded geographic discoveries while searching for the Northwest Passage (1777-1856) John Ross , Ross , Sir John Ross
geographic angular distance in north to south parallels latitude
geographic angular distance in east to west parallels longitude
combat support agency that provides geographic intelligence in support of national security National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency , NGA
foreign policy that defines the international interests of a country in terms of particular geographic areas regionalism
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