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geranium with round fragrant leaves and small white flowers apple geranium , nutmeg geranium , Pelargonium odoratissimum
upright geranium having scalloped leaves with a broad color zone inside the margin and white or pink or red flowers bedding geranium , fish geranium , Pelargonium hortorum , zonal pelargonium
any of numerous geraniums of the genus Geranium crane's bill , cranesbill
western geranium with small pink flowers; a common weed on lawns and in vacant lots dove's foot geranium , Geranium molle
common wild geranium of eastern North America with deeply parted leaves and rose-purple flowers Geranium maculatum , spotted cranesbill , wild geranium
geranium of western North America having branched clusters of white or pale pink flowers Geranium richardsonii , Richardson's geranium
geranium of western North America having pinkish-purple flowers in open clusters Geranium viscosissimum , sticky geranium
common garden geranium with lemon-scented foliage lemon geranium , Pelargonium limoneum
geranium family pelargonium
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