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large web-footed birds of the southern hemisphere having long narrow wings; noted for powerful gliding flight albatross , mollymawk
gliding joint between the distal ends of the tibia and fibula and the proximal end of the talus ankle , ankle joint , articulatio talocruralis , mortise joint
freely moving joint in which the articulations allow only gliding motions articulatio plana , gliding joint
nocturnal rodent of Asia having furry folds of skin between forelegs and hind legs enabling it to move by gliding leaps Asiatic flying squirrel
tropical fish with huge fanlike pectoral fins for underwater gliding; unrelated to searobins butterflyfish , flying gurnard , flying robin
ballet step of quick gliding step chasse , pas chasse
(ballet) quick gliding steps with one foot always leading chasse , sashay
arboreal nocturnal mammal of southeast Asia and the Philippines resembling a lemur and having a fold of skin on each side from neck to tail that is used for long gliding leaps colugo , flying cat , flying lemur
any of several small tropical Asian lizards capable of gliding by spreading winglike membranes on each side of the body dragon , flying dragon , flying lizard
tropical marine fishes having enlarged winglike fins used for brief gliding flight flying fish
nocturnal phalangers that move with gliding leaps using parachute-like folds of skin along the sides of the body flying opossum , flying phalanger , flying squirrel
(ballet) a gliding or sliding step in ballet glissade
ballet step of gliding and bringing feet together glissade
gliding in a hang glider hang gliding
gliding in a parasail parasailing
lively dance of Scottish Highlanders; marked by circular moves and gliding steps reel , Scottish reel
sport of gliding on skates skating
narrow wood or metal or plastic runners used in pairs for gliding over snow ski
one of pair of runners attahced to the feet for gliding over snow or water ski
ballroom dance with gliding steps tango
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