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glowing by living organism bioluminescence
glowing caused by temperature of emitting body bioluminescence , fluorescence , phosphorescence
hot fragment of wood or coal that is left from a fire and is glowing or smoldering coal , ember
glowing celestial rings coronae
brilliant and glowing effulgent , incandescent , resplendent
glowing coal fragment ember
lightbulb, threadlike glowing conductor in filament
glowing during stimulation by radiation fluorescence
glowing by high temperature incandescence
glowing with heat incandescent
flame glowing gently, of a lambent
glowing with light lucent
glowing caused by chemical, biochemica, crystallographic changes luminescence
glowing with its own light luminous
shiny or glowing lustrous
glowing cloud of dust or gas found in outer space nebula
glowing after stimulation by radiation phosphorescence
glowing review rave
glowing and healthy ruddy
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