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liability account showing how much is owed for goods and services purchased on credit account payable , payable
itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped or services rendered account , bill , invoice
business of drawing public attention to goods and services advertising , publicizing
transportation system for moving passengers or goods by air air transportation system
transportation of people or goods by air (especially when other means of access are unavailable) airlift , lift
passageway between seating areas as in an auditorium or passenger vehicle or between areas of shelves of goods as in stores aisle , gangway
money or goods contributed to the poor alms
durable goods for home or office use appliance
strong elastic wood of any of various ash trees; used for furniture and tool handles and sporting goods such as baseball bats ash
person who delivers personal property (goods or money) in trust to the bailee in a bailment bailor
workplace where baked goods (breads and cakes and pastries) are produced or sold bakehouse , bakery , bakeshop
one who cooks goods baker
shop selling baked goods bakery
large package of goods bale
someone who purchases and maintains an inventory of goods to be sold bargainer , dealer , monger , trader
farm building used to shelter harvested goods and animals barn
money, trade goods or services without barter
trade of goods and services barter
exchange goods and/or services barter
exchange goods or services directly barter
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