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gown worn by academics or judges academic gown , academic robe , judge's robe
most formal gown; worn to a ball ball gown
gown worn by the bride at a wedding bridal gown , wedding dress , wedding gown
gown for evening wear dinner dress , dinner gown , evening gown , formal
black academic gown widely used by Protestant clergymen Geneva gown
loose dressing gown for women housecoat , neglige , negligee , peignoir , wrapper
loose gown of the 17th and 18th centuries mantua
thin undergarment or dressing gown negligee
dressing gown negligee , peignoir , robe
garment (a gown or narrow strips of cloth) for an infant swaddling bands , swaddling clothes
long loose-fitting gown formerly popular for wear at afternoon tea tea gown
piece of cloth forming the long back section of a gown that is drawn along the floor train
one who holds up the train of a gown or robe on a ceremonial occasion trainbearer
gown (especially ceremonial garments) worn by the clergy vestment
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