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voice used to indicate that the grammatical subject of the verb is performing the action or causing the happening denoted by the verb active , active voice
determination of grammatical inflection on the basis of word relations agreement , concord
ambiguous grammatical construction; e.g., `they are flying planes' can mean either that someone is flying planes or that something is flying planes amphibology , amphiboly
grammatical relation between a word and a noun phrase that follows apposition
agreement in grammatical case between words in the same construction case agreement
word that is uninflected and serves a grammatical function but has little identifiable meaning closed-class word , function word
punctuation mark (,) used to indicate the separation of elements within the grammatical structure of a sentence comma
word or phrase used to complete a grammatical construction complement
grammatical relation of a word or phrase to a predicate complementation
grammatical relation between linguistic units (words or phrases or clauses) that are connected by a conjunction conjunction
(grammar) a word or phrase or clause forming part of a larger grammatical construction constituent , grammatical constituent
clause in a complex sentence that is grammatically equivalent to the main clause and that performs the same grammatical function coordinate clause
conjunction that connects similar grammatical elements coordinating conjunction
conjunction (like `and' or `or') that connects two identically constructed grammatical constituents coordinating conjunction
grammatical relation of two constituents having the same grammatical form coordination
grammatical relation between two words that have a common referent coreference
one of the traditional categories of words intended to reflect their functions in a grammatical context form class , part of speech , word class
agreement in grammatical gender between words in the same construction gender agreement
grammatical category in inflected languages governing the agreement between nouns and pronouns and adjectives; in some languages it is quite arbitrary but in Indo-European languages it is usually based on sex or animateness gender , grammatical gender
(linguistics) a type of grammar that describes syntax in terms of a set of logical rules that can generate all and only the infinite number of grammatical sentences in a language and assigns them all the correct structural description generative grammar
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