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graphical representation of a person's auditory sensitivity to sound audiogram
(computer science) the area of the screen in graphical user interfaces against which icons and windows appear background , desktop , screen background
graphical recording made by a ballistocardiograph ballistocardiogram
graphical recording of the cardiac cycle produced by an electrocardiograph cardiogram , ECG , EKG , electrocardiogram
matter to be printed; exclusive of graphical materials copy , written matter
(computer science) a small temporary window in a graphical user interface that appears in order to request information from the user; after the information has been provided the user dismisses the box with `okay' or `cancel' dialog box , panel
ornamental graphical element, e.g. bullet dingbat
graphical image of the heart produced by an echocardiograph echocardiogram
graphical image of the brain produced by an echoencephalograph echoencephalogram
graphical record of electrical activity of the brain; produced by an electroencephalograph EEG , electroencephalogram , encephalogram
graphical record of electric currents associated with muscle contractions electromyogram , EMG
graphical recording of the electrical activity of the retina that results when light is flashed into the eye electroretinogram
graphical representation of the arrangement of genes on a chromosome genetic map
(computer science) a graphic symbol (usually a simple picture) that denotes a program or a command or a data file or a concept in a graphical user interface icon
graphical representation of a program using formal logic logical diagram , logic diagram
mass spectrometer that produces a graphical representation of the mass spectrum mass spectrograph
graphical recording of muscle activity myogram
graphical representation (in polar or Cartesian coordinates) of the spatial distribution of radiation from an antenna as a function of angle pattern , radiation diagram , radiation pattern
analysis (often in graphical form) representing the extent to which something exhibits various characteristics profile
graphical record of an earth tremor made by using a seismograph seismogram
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