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European grass naturalized as a weed in North America; sharp-pointed seeds cause injury when eaten by livestock Aegilops triuncalis , goat grass
goat grass Aegilops , genus Aegilops
perennial South African grass having densely clumped flimsy stems; introduced into United States especially for erosion control African love grass , Eragrostis curvula , weeping love grass
East Indian cereal grass whose seed yield a somewhat bitter flour, a staple in the Orient African millet , coracan , corakan , Eleusine coracana , finger millet , kurakkan , ragee , ragi
grass growing after mowing aftermath , rowen
Eurasian grass grown in United States great plains area for forage and erosion control Agropyron cristatum , crested wheat grass , crested wheatgrass , fairway crested wheat grass
Asiatic grass introduced into United States rangelands for pasture and fodder Agropyron intermedium , Elymus hispidus , intermediate wheatgrass
North American grass cultivated in western United States as excellent forage crop Agropyron pauciflorum , Agropyron trachycaulum , Elymus trachycaulos , slender wheatgrass
European grass spreading rapidly by creeping rhizomes; naturalized in North America as a weed Agropyron repens , couch grass , dog grass , quack grass , quackgrass , quick grass , witch grass , witchgrass
valuable forage grass of western United States Agropyron smithii , bluestem wheatgrass , western wheatgrass
perennial grasses of temperate and cool regions: wheatgrass; dog grass Agropyron , genus Agropyron
slender European grass of shady places; grown also in northeastern America and temperate Asia Agrostis alba , Poa nemoralis , wood meadowgrass
common grass with slender stems and narrow leaves Agrostis canina , brown bent , dog bent , Rhode Island bent , velvet bent , velvet bent grass
Spanish grass with light feathery panicles grown for dried bouquets Agrostis nebulosa , cloud grass
common pasture or lawn grass spread by long runners Agrostis palustris , creeping bent , creeping bentgrass
annual or perennial grasses cosmopolitan in northern hemisphere: bent grass (so named from `bent' meaning an area of unfenced grassland) Agrostis , genus Agrostis
tall perennial grass that spreads by creeping rhizomes and is grown for fodder; naturalized in southern United States where it is a serious pest on cultivated land Aleppa grass , evergreen millet , Johnson grass , means grass , Sorghum halapense , Sorghum halepense
stout erect perennial grass of northern parts of Old World having silky flowering spikes; widely cultivated for pasture and hay; naturalized in North America Alopecurus pratensis , meadow foxtail
perennial star grass of North America American star grass , Hypoxis hirsuta
tall grass with smooth bluish leaf sheaths grown for hay in the United States Andropogon furcatus , Andropogon gerardii , blue stem , bluestem
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