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habit, odd or exaggerated aberration , eccentricity , idiosyncrasy , mannerism
being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming (especially alcohol or narcotic drugs) addiction , dependance , dependence , dependency , habituation
similar in habit to Alytes obstetricians Alytes cisternasi , midwife toad
therapy associating bad habit with pain aversion therapy
fish having the habit of following ships; found in North American and South American coastal waters banded rudderfish , rudderfish , Seriola zonata
any of several vines of the genera Convolvulus and Calystegia having a twining habit bindweed
large carnivorous Australian bird with the shrike-like habit of impaling prey on thorns butcherbird
any of various shrubs and small trees valued for their fine foliage and attractive spreading habit and clustered white to deep pink or red flowers calliandra
belt or sash for monk or nun habit cincture
habit of keeping free of superficial imperfections cleanliness
morning glory; bindweed; sweet potato; plants having trumpet-shaped flowers and a climbing or twining habit Convolvulaceae , family Convolvulaceae , morning-glory family
strange attitude or habit crotchet , oddity , queerness , quirk , quirkiness
New Zealand silver pine of conical habit with long slender flexuous branches; adapted to cold wet summers and high altitudes Dacrydium colensoi , tar-wood , tarwood
natural or acquired habit or characteristic tendency in a person or thing disposition
synthetic narcotic drug similar to morphine but less habit-forming; used in narcotic detoxification and maintenance of heroin addiction dolophine hydrochloride , fixer , methadon , methadone , methadone hydrochloride , synthetic heroin
any plant of the genus Episcia; usually creeping and stoloniferous and of cascading habit; grown for their colorful foliage and flowers episcia
sickle pines: dioecious evergreen tropical trees and shrubs having sickle-shaped leaves; similar to Dacrycarpus in habit; Malaysia and Philippines to New Guinea and New Caledonia Falcatifolium , genus Falcatifolium
Roman Catholic friar wearing the grey habit of the Franciscan order Franciscan , Grey Friar
habit worn by clerics frock
habit-forming drug that is not addictive but its use may lead to the use of other addictive drugs gateway drug
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