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camel's hair fabric aba
fabric woven from goat hair and camel hair aba , aba cloth
composite sensory nerve supplying the hair cells of the vestibular organ and the hair cells of the cochlea acoustic nerve , auditory nerve , eighth cranial nerve , nervus vestibulocochlearis , vestibulocochlear nerve
European breed of small dog resembling a terrier with dark wiry hair and a tufted muzzle affenpinscher , monkey dog , monkey pinscher
cord (usually of goat's hair) that Arabs (especially Bedouins) wind around their heads to hold down the kaffiyeh agal
congenital absence of pigmentation in the eyes and skin and hair albinism
person with congenital albinism: white hair and milky skin; eyes are usually pink albino
person or animal that lacks coloration in the skin, hair, and eyes albino
white skin and hair, person with albino
loss of hair (especially on the head) or loss of wool or feathers; in humans it can result from heredity or hormonal imbalance or certain diseases or drugs and treatments (chemotherapy for cancer) alopecia
rabbit with long white hair Angora
domestic breed of goat raised for its long silky hair which is the true mohair Angora , Angora goat
domestic breed of rabbit with long white silky hair Angora , Angora rabbit
goat hair angora , mohair
piece of ornamented cloth that protects the back of chair from hair oils antimacassar
any of several drugs that control or kill neoplastic cells; used in chemotherapy to kill cancer cells; all have unpleasant side effects that may include nausea and vomiting and hair loss and suppression of bone marrow function antineoplastic , antineoplastic drug , cancer drug
arboreal civet of Asia having a long prehensile tail and shaggy black hair Arctictis bintourong , bearcat , binturong
having little to no hair on the head bald
condition of having no hair on the top of the head baldness , phalacrosis
fringe of hair that is cut short squarely across the forehead bang
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