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handsome man Adonis
any handsome young man adonis
(Greek mythology) a handsome youth loved by both Aphrodite and Persephone Adonis
whitish hairy plant with featherlike leaves and a few stout stems each bearing an especially handsome solitary large yellow flower head; mountainous regions north central United States alpine sunflower , Hymenoxys grandiflora , old man of the mountain , Tetraneuris grandiflora
any of various South American plants of the genus Alstroemeria valued for their handsome umbels of beautiful flowers alstroemeria
handsome hardy North American grass with foliage turning pale bronze in autumn Andropogon scoparius , broom beard grass , prairie grass , Schizachyrium scoparium , wire grass
evergreen perennial with large handsome basal leaves; grown primarily as a foliage houseplant aspidistra , Aspidistra elatio , bar-room plant , cast-iron plant
handsome low saltbush of arid southwestern United States and Mexico having blue-green prickly-edged leaves often used for Christmas decoration Atriplex hymenelytra , desert holly
Mexican bulbous herb cultivated for its handsome bright red solitary flower Aztec lily , Jacobean lily , Strekelia formosissima
handsome South American shrub or small tree having bright scarlet flowers and yielding a valuable fine-grained yellowish wood; yields the bitter drug quassia from its wood and bark bitterwood , quassia , Quassia amara
one of the most handsome prairie wildflowers having large erect bell-shaped bluish flowers; of moist places in prairies and fields from eastern Colorado and Nebraska south to New Mexico and Texas bluebell , Eustoma grandiflorum , prairie gentian , tulip gentian
handsome tree of central and eastern North America having large bipinnate leaves and green-white flowers followed by large woody brown pods whose seeds are used as a coffee substitute bonduc , chicot , Gymnocladus dioica , Kentucky coffee tree
any of several handsome evergreen shrubs of California and northern Mexico having downy lobed leaves and showy yellow flowers California beauty , flannel bush , flannelbush
mariposa having loose clusters of one to three handsome lilac flowers resembling umbels atop stout erect stems; arid northwestern North America east of Cascade Mountains from southern British Columbia to northern California Calochortus macrocarpus , sagebrush mariposa tulip
deciduous tree widely grown in southern United States as an ornamental for its handsome maplelike foliage and long racemes of yellow-green flowers followed by curious leaflike pods Chinese parasol , Chinese parasol tree , Firmiana simplex , Japanese varnish tree , phoenix tree
handsome roundheaded deciduous tree having compound dark green leaves and profuse panicles of fragrant creamy-white flowers; China and Japan Chinese scholartree , Chinese scholar tree , Japanese pagoda tree , Sophora japonica , Sophora sinensis
fictional young girl who is saved from her stepmother and stepsisters by her fairy godmother and a handsome prince Cinderella
small handsome roundheaded deciduous tree having showy white flowers in terminal clusters and heavy hardwood yielding yellow dye Cladrastis kentukea , Cladrastis lutea , gopherwood , Kentucky yellowwood
handsome shrub with showy orange to scarlet or crimson flowers; Florida and West Indies to Mexico and Brazil coloradillo , Hamelia erecta , Hamelia patens , scarlet bush , scarlet hamelia
deciduous tree of China and Manchuria having a turpentine aroma and handsome compound leaves turning yellow in autumn and deeply fissured corky bark cork tree , Phellodendron amurense
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