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large hare of northern North America; it is almost completely white in winter Arctic hare , Lepus arcticus , polar hare
hare's-foot fern of the genus Davallia Australian hare's foot , Davallia pyxidata
red breed of domestic rabbits; hybrid between Old World rabbit and hare Belgian hare , leporide
similar to little chief hare and may be same species collared pika , Ochotona collaris
adult female deer, hare, or rabbit doe
hare-like rodent of the pampas of Argentina Dolichotis patagonum , mara
large hare introduced in North America; does not turn white in winter European hare , Lepus europaeus
hare wallabies genus Lagorchestes , Lagorchestes
religious sect founded in the United States in 1966; based on Vedic scriptures; groups engage in joyful chanting of `Hare Krishna' and other mantras based on the name of the Hindu god Krishna; devotees usually wear saffron robes and practice vegetarianism Hare Krishna , International Society for Krishna Consciousness , ISKCON
small Australian wallaby that resembles a hare and has persistent teeth hare wallaby , kangaroo hare
large hare of western North America jackrabbit
hare, concerning leporine
large large-footed North American hare; white in winter Lepus americanus , snowshoe hare , snowshoe rabbit , varying hare
largest hare of northern plains and western mountains of United States; brownish-grey in summer and pale grey in winter; tail nearly always all white Lepus townsendi , white-tailed jackrabbit , whitetail jackrabbit
hare, very young leveret
young hare especially one in its first year leveret
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