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harmful or unfavorable adverse , inimical
association between organisms that is harmful to one of them or between organisms and a metabolic product of another antibiosis
use of harmful bacteria as a weapon bacteriological warfare , germ warfare
quality or nature of being harmful or evil balefulness , maleficence , mischief
harmful thing bane
wall that protects the nervous system from harmful substances in the blood blood-brain barrier
plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act (especially a political plot) cabal , conspiracy
desire, compulsive and harmful cacoethes , mania
automobile exhaust part that transforms harmful gases into harmless byproducts catalytic converter
group of conspirators banded together to achieve some harmful or illegal purpose confederacy , conspiracy
harmful and damaging deleterious , detrimental , injurious
treatment to destroy harmful microorganisms disinfection
injury or harmful action disservice
bad or harmful ill
resistance to disease or harmful influence immunity
harmful and treacherous insidious , maleficent , malevolent , malicious , malign , malignant , pernicious
antimalarial drug (trade name Larium and Mephaquine) that is effective in cases that do not respond to chloroquine; said to produce harmful neuropsychiatric effects on some people Larium , mefloquine , mefloquine hydrochloride , Mephaquine
harmful change in body tissue lesion
computer program designed to have undesirable or harmful effects malevolent program
toxic gas that is inhaled or absorbed through the skin and has harmful effects on the nervous and respiratory system nerve agent , nerve gas
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