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nuisance that can remedied (suppressed or extinguished or rendered harmless) abatable nuisance
any of a small family of lizards widely distributed in warm areas; all are harmless and useful as destroyers of e.g. slugs and insects anguid lizard
small venomous but harmless snake marked with black-and-white on red Australian coral snake , Rhynchoelaps australis
microorganisms, some harmless and some disease-causing bacterium
large harmless plankton-eating northern shark; often swims slowly or floats at the sea surface basking shark , Cetorhinus maximus
pollution that is rendered harmless by natural processes and so causes no permanent harm biodegradable pollution
large harmless shiny black North American snake black rat snake , blacksnake , Elaphe obsoleta , mountain blacksnake , pilot blacksnake
small harmless hammerhead having a spade-shaped head; abundant in bays and estuaries bonnethead , bonnet shark , shovelhead , Sphyrna tiburo
any of several large harmless rodent-eating North American burrowing snakes bull-snake , bull snake
automobile exhaust part that transforms harmful gases into harmless byproducts catalytic converter
mostly harmless temperate-to-tropical terrestrial or arboreal or aquatic snakes colubrid , colubrid snake
large harmless snake of southeastern United States; often on farms corn snake , Elaphe guttata , red rat snake
extremely large pelagic tropical ray that feeds on plankton and small fishes; usually harmless but its size make it dangerous if harpooned devilfish , manta , manta ray
ice, harmless floating drift ice
powerful free-swimming tropical ray noted for `soaring' by flapping winglike fins; usually harmless but has venomous tissue near base of the tail as in stingrays eagle ray
spherical or elliptical usually aerobic eubacteria that produce yellow or orange or red pigment; includes toxin-producing forms as well as harmless commensals and saprophytes family Micrococcaceae , Micrococcaceae
large harmless hawk found worldwide that feeds on fish and builds a bulky nest often occupied for years fish eagle , fish hawk , osprey , Pandion haliaetus , sea eagle
any of various small chiefly tropical and usually nocturnal insectivorous terrestrial lizards typically with immovable eyelids; completely harmless gecko
harmless European snake with a bright yellow collar; common in England grass snake , Natrix natrix , ringed snake , ring snake
harmless North American snake with upturned nose; may spread its head and neck or play dead when disturbed hognose snake , puff adder , sand viper
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